Austin & Colin Took Over the Nation’s First Party Tub on First Ride Ever

We Took the First Ride Ever on the Nation’s First Party Tub

On Friday, April 5, we were the first official passengers of the Music City Party Tub. This is the only experience of its kind in the nation, and it has staked its claim on Nashville.

Riding in the Music City Party Tub was a uniquely Nashville adventure, and something we would definitely do again! We felt safe the whole time, and like we could really enjoy the ride with a group of great friends

The tour of submersion runs through all of the vital downtown highlight including Midtown, So Bro, Broadway, and the Cumberland River.

Robes on party bus.jpg

During our ride, we got a ton of reactions…

We asked entrepreneur, Guy Williams, why he decided to put such a wild idea into motion.

“I live downtown and I see the same sort of nightlife activity. It was getting stale. I wanted to provide a different option for locals and tourists alike,” Williams said.

So, how does it work?

Music City Party Tub is a heated pool with an average temperature of 70 to 83 degrees. Pretty warm already, right? Well, Williams will bump it up even farther, up to 101 degrees. It even has vinyl windows, so you can go #honkeytubbing all year round!

Each tour can accommodate 8 to 12 people and lasts two hours. Despite public health concerns, Williams explained that Music City Party Tub is not a community tub or lacking in cleanliness.

“We take a variety of safety precautions to ensure this tub is in pristine condition for every group,” Williams said. “We have two UV sanitizers, which are big sanitizers that are for big swimming pools, and we’ve got it for a small tub.”

Austin and Colin in the Music City Party Tub

The correct amount of chlorine is delivered to the pool system through an automatic chlorinator. For good measure, Williams dumps the water continuously and cleans the filter daily.

Additional features of Music City Party Tub include:

  • A licensed driver

  • Tablet with access to Spotify playlists

  • Personal towels

  • Plush robes

  • Private changing room on board

  • Access to refrigerator and coolers

  • Free photos to document the experience  

  • Sandals (COMING SOON)  

The music was perfect for jamming down Broadway. Guy was such a fantastic host and the concept was fresh and fun.

Music City Party Tub is perfect for bachelor/bachelorette parties, corporate marketing events, and more. Grab a group of friends and try out Nashville’s newest and most unique downtown entertainment! To book your Party Tub tour click here.