We’ve been empowered to create things that spark ideas and emotions.

Austin and Colin are a comedic duo that specializes in making videos that are funny, informative, and catchy. The pair learned at a young age that to get noticed, you have to think different, be different, and see different.


Through the lens of their cameras, Austin and Colin capture moments anyone else would miss. They believe in accepting the journey and surrendering to the magic of single moment.

Like when they ate the world’s hottest pepper while skydiving. Or when they got up close and personal with bull testicles… They did it for the bass player of Alabama (you would have done it too!).

The beauty of what Austin and Colin as a team lies in their spontaneity. Whether they are capturing moments or creating them during events, they strike a balance between planning and improvising.

Leave room for something amazing to happen.
— Austin

View some of Austin and Colin’s greatest hits:

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  • Relaxin in Jackson
  • And so much more!